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Alan Clare, Exploration – OMV NZ Limited

Sediment supply and distribution in a slope basin province –  East Coast Basin of New Zealand

Alexander Wunderlich, Exploration Geologist – OMV New Zealand Ltd

The Manaia Moki Discovery – A great surprise

Dr. Alison Lane, Technical Director – ERM New Zealand Ltd

Defining “Certainty” – Meeting EEZ Act information requirements for undefined activities

Ben Hines, Exploration Geologist – Victoria University of Wellington

The East Coast Basin, one of the last frontiers – insights from geochemistry and basin modelling

Brian Sullivan, Executive Director –IPIECA

International Keynote: Aligning the oil and gas industry to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Brigid McArthur, Partner, Greenwood Roche

The role of the Overseas Investment Act in the regulatory approvals process for a new acquisition or new entrant: conflicting or compatible regulatory settings?

Chai McConnell, Principal Consultant – Advisian

Making Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) work in New Zealand? Global lessons on challenges and solutions to the CCS business case

Christopher Uruski, Retired Geologist

Post-mortem on Romney-1 – What next?

Colin Finnegan, New Zealand Well Engineering Manager – Petrofac

Planning requirements and timeline for an optimised offshore drilling project start-up

Dan Govier, Technical Discipline Manager – SLR Consulting

Pre & Post-Drill Environmental Monitoring Programmes in the Taranaki Basin & Seabed Recovery

Daniel Leeman, Senior Reservoir Engineer – NZ Oil & Gas

Barque, Canterbury Basin – Paths to Market in a Frontier Region, Are there any?

What’s it like to be saturated and near-critical in Taranaki? A fluid perspective on Geology

Gabriel Selischi, Managing Director – OMV

Industry Leaders Address

Gareth Campbell, Marketing Manager – STATS Group

Effective use of Double Block and Bleed Technologies for Pipeline Repair and Maintenance

Gemma Couzens, Senior Analyst – Ministry For The Environment

New Zealand Government presentation on offshore decommissioning

Dr. Giacomo Giorli, Marine Mammal Acoustician – NIWA

Cook Strait’s Soundscape: monitoring ambient, enthropogenic and biological sounds using passive acoustics

Jeff Smit, Director – Deta Consulting

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa Generation Project: A case study of a first-in-NZ turbine generation installation using geothermal methane at a renowned tourism location

Joko Miharwatiman, Geologist – New Zealand Oil & Gas

The 4 Ws of CO2 in the Canterbury Basin: When and Why did it form, Where did it come from and What does it mean for prospectivity?

Jono Weir, Principal Resource Analysis Advisor – New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (2)

Prospectivity in the Great South and Canterbury basins: new insights from taking a play-based approach to a frontier region

June Cahill, Manager Eez Applications – EPA

Lessons and Learnings from Discharge Consents: an EPA View

Dr. Karen Higgs, Contractor – GNS Science

Provenance and quality of Cretaceous reservoir sandstones in Canterbury and Great South basins: what do we know and where do we go?

Dr. Karsten Kroeger, Basin Modeller – GNS Science

A new 3D model predicts gas generation, migration and hydrate formation in Pegasus Basin

Dr. Kate Bromfield, Elemental

Options for NZ Offshore Oil and Gas Structures at the End of Field Life – What the Science is Telling Us

Dr. Khalil Rahman, Geomechanics Advisor – Baker Hughes

Hydraulic Fracturing: What Do We Do often Wrong and What Could We Do Better?

Kylie Cochrane, Global Lead and Chairperson – Aurecon and International Association for Public Partcipation

The case for greater community participation in the design of oil and gas infrastructure projects

Mahendra Pardeshi, Senior Technical Professional – Halliburton

Perforating Through Liquid WellLock® Resin to Seal a Micro Annulus

Dr. Mānuka Hēnare, Principal Scientist – University of Auckland

Gas Permeates & Petroleum: Ngā Taongahou. Science Discoveries & TeTiritio Waitangi (Preamble & Article 2), 1840

Dr. Mike Martin, Subsurface Team Lead – Westside Corporation

A further attempt to maximise value from the Manutahi oilfield – a small operator’s perspective

Dr. Miko Fohrmann, Exploration Geophysicist – OMV NZ Limited

The value of applying innovative technologies: Overview of the Nikau 3D MSS

Mitchell Kelly, Senior Completions Engineer – OMV New Zealand

Pioneering in Offshore Well – Recovery of compromised 24″ conductor and implications for end of field life

Dr. Nick Mortimer, Geologist –GNS Science

A revised basement geological map of Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Nick Allison, Mechanical Enginer – OSD Limited

Applying technology and the digital oilfield approach to rapidly optimise gathering system design.

Niel Kritzinger, Process Technology Lead – Fluor Australia

A Case Study in Monetising New Zealand Gas to Produce Methanol with CO2 Capture and Recycle

Professor Peter Kamp, Professor – University of Waikato

Review of East Coast Basin (North Island) structure and development: New insights from integration of thermochronology data with regional geology

Peter Jackson, Senior Systems Engineer – Ecl Engineering Control

Managing Cyber Security Risk in the Oil & Gas Sector

Richard Sykes, Principal Scientist – GNS Science

Diamondoids shine new light on the maturities and charge histories of oil and gas in Taranaki and other New Zealand basins

Rob Gardner Manager, Economics & Energy Division Corporate Strategic Planning Department – Exxon Mobil Corporation

The Outlook for Energy: A global view of energy demand and supply through to 2040

Russell Byfield, Marketing Manager – Yokogawa

Optimising Profitability and Safety in Upstream Oil & Gas

Dr. Suzanne Bull, Seismic Interpreter – GNS Science

Tectonic controls on sedimentation in the southern Taranaki Basin during the Miocene and implications for the distribution of reservoir and seal rocks

Zoë Juniper, Masters – Student University of Canterbury

Risk Assessment of the Petroleum Production and Exploration Sector to Volcanic Hazards in the Taranaki Region, New Zealand