Poster Programme

Dr. Malcolm Arnot
Senior Scientist
GNS Science
High-resolution depositional architecture of the Paleocene Farewell Formation: an important reservoir and migration pathway in Taranaki Basin.
Andrea Barrier
Phd Candidate
University Of Canterbury
Pre-rift reflectors in the Canterbury Basin, impact on petroleum system potential
Angela Griffin
GNS Science
Insights into subsurface stress and structure in the Southern East Coast Basin, New Zealand
Sophie Hill
PhD Student
University Of Canterbury
Geomechanical Characterisation of Reservoir and Seal Rocks in the Taranaki Basin.
Dr. Karsten Kroeger
Basin Modeller
GNS Science
A fresh look at the architecture of Miocene basin floor sedimentary systems in southern Taranaki Basin: implications for reservoir and seal rock distribution
Anna Kutovaya
Phd Student
Rwth Aachen
Integration of fault stress analysis and volcanic activity into Petroleum Systems Modeling: Case study from the northern Taranaki Basin, Kora Field (New Zealand)
Sebastian Naeher
Petroleum Geochemist
GNS Science
Understanding petroleum source rock properties of mid-Cretaceous to Paleocene lacustrine mudstones in New Zealand basins
Stuart Munday
Consultant Geologist
Chemostrat Ltd
Chemostratigraphy Providing New Insights into the Kupe Field
Tusar Sahoo
Petroleum Geoscientist
GNS Science
Highlighting the petroleum prospectivity of the Canterbury-Great South basins through a multi-1D basin modelling study
Rinze Schuurmans
MSc Student
University of Canterbury
Structural and sedimentary evolution of Solander Basin
Dr. Hannu Seebeck
Structural Geologist
GNS Science
3-D stresses in southern Taranaki Basin, New Zealand: implications for faulting and petroleum migration

Cretaceous to Present-day reconstructions of Zealandia: towards an integrated tectonic framework

Anthony Hockings
Development Manager
Development of Mercury Testing for the Taranaki Oil Industry
Mrinmoy Maitra
Phd Student
Geological Sciences, University Of Canterbury
Applying sequence stratigraphic concepts to the distribution of potential source rocks of the Greymouth Basin, New Zealand.


Dr. Dominic Strogen
Senior Scientist/Sedimentary Geologist
GNS Science
The Atlas of Petroleum Prospectivity: an innovative tool for assessing New Zealand’s future petroleum potential
Phyoe Wai Aung
Lead Reservoir Engineer
OMV New Zealand Ltd
Infill opportunities in a brown field: an uncertainty based approach to dynamic modelling at Maari
Gabrielle Watson
Phd Candidate
University Of Canterbury
Occurrence of Shale Smear and Implications for Fault Seal Predictions